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Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV

This is a fascinating and quirky car, France's answer to the VW just after the war, designed to carry the French farmer and his family and 100Kg of goods across the dreadful French country roads. It also could cross a ploughed field without breaking eggs in a basket on the front seat.

The first ones produced had only 9 brake horsepower from their little 2 cylinder motor, and a top speed of about 40 MPH, unless going down hill. However, they did get about 60 MPG, which was no doubt well received in post-war France. Later models had bigger engines and about 30 BHP.

All had a fascinating interconnected long travel suspension. The front and rear wheels on each side interact so that the car does not pitch excessively on rough roads. The soft suspension gave plenty of lean, but I know from experience in my Renault 16 that leaning is really no problem. Sticks like glue and can drive right through pot-holes without much effect (the Renault that is; never had a 2CV 8-( ). I once saw a 2CV braking suddenly at a set of traffic lights. Its inboard front brakes did very well, but the graceful nose dive and tail rearing up was a treat to watch. For all that it seemed quite composed about the whole thing.

Here is a shot of a paper model 2CV (along with friends; if you don't know which is the 2CV, its the green one on the left. The white one is a Honda Jazz/Fit, my current real car, but a surprisingly simplistic model from Honda's web-site. The blue one is an English oddity - a Reliant 3-wheeler; these and many other 3-wheelers were popular in England for a time because the road tax rules considered then as motorcycles with sidecars, and hence a lot cheaper to get on the road. This 2CV model is pretty basic. I have not been able to find anything really detailed on the web. Here's where I found this one , or just google for "2cv paper model"

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