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Sketching - Summary

Sketching and telling stories (and especially the stories from the Bible) is a marvellous way to communicate with kids. I've been doing it for 40-odd years. Here are my brief notes, in the hope that they will encourage others to have a go. You don't have to be a Rembrandt or a Leonardo Da Vinci. If you tend to think in analogies and images, and can doodle, you can probably sketch easily.

Preparing to Sketch and Tell a Bible Story

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Grow the story out of the Bible text, and grow the sketches from the Bible story. This is far better than bringing a bright idea and trying to find something in the Bible to support it. You should know the 1, 2 or 3 things you hope they will learn from your Bible story. What is the major theme. MORE...

Simple Perspective and Other Sketching Tips

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Perspective is a great help in drawing realistic block-shaped things, like houses and ancient city walls. Think of a road stretching out before you. The edges seem to get closer together the further off you look, and seem to meet at the horizon. This is what we mean by perspective. MORE...

Some Story Sketch Examples

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Useful Sketching Reference Material

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Paint, chalks, pastels, fibre markers, crayons have all been used. You can draw on paper, whiteboards, blackboards or overhead projector slides MORE...

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