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God Reveals His Eternal Kingdom - Daniel Chapter 7

Daniel so far:-


A hard book? No - main message "God rules, & His people who trust in Him don't need to be afraid" - what a message of hope to the hated people of God! Background (inc. ch 1-6) - v1- 1st year of Belshazzar; before Persian rule. (Daniel about 60) Ch 7-12 - "apocalyptic" (Greek - "to uncover") - history prophesied in images. V1 - Daniel's amazing dream/visions while asleep; he writes down the summary for us. Rules for understanding apocalyptic (or any) Scripture. Many try wrong ways & end up confused.

V1-8, 17-25; God reveals the ongoing madness of wicked men (Vision of the 4 Beasts)

V9-14 God reveals the True King

Which Kingdom do you belong too?

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