Flying Fun

8 March 2020

Please have a quick look at what we are doing for Next Friday 13th. I'll be giving instructions on the day, but it will help if you are familiar with the flying projects.

I doubt we will do all the projects, but better to have more than not enough. The parachute, spinner, wing-on-a-stick and foam plane on a string are the priorities.

All materials will be provided.

See you then, Steve



Bend the two "wings" up and put the paperclip on the bottom. Hold as high as possible and drop.

Flying Wing

This is a simple wing shape from paper stuck to a very flexible bamboo sliver. Kids will explore how the angle of the wing generates lift.

Foam Plane

A simple foam plastic push-together model. We will punch a hole in one wing tip and attach a piece of string. Kids can then spin them around on the end of the string. The make a great propellor noise too!

Kids will need help getting the wind and tailplane in. The trick is to gently push out the pre-cut plastic from the slots, then pull the wing through. Do not push as the wing may brake. Also support the body with your fingers.

Flying Ring

Fold on the lines to make the thick leading edge. Then roll into a ring, push one end into the other, and secure with tape.

Paper Glider

Fold on the lines to make the thick leading edge. Then fold in half.