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Benjamin Franklin's Folding Paper Ink Tray

Was it really Ben's?

I've forgotten where I heard of this one, but my idea is Ben Franklin invented this as a disposable ink tray in his printing business. As a printer he probably had his fair share of scrap paper to use up. I can't find anything on Google, but if anyone knows whether Franklin did invent it, or who else did, please let me know.

Start with a square of paper

Its not essential, but a square gives good final proportions Crease lightly down the middle to give a centre line

Fold 1/4 of the width to the centre

Then 1/8th folded back

Creased, unfolded, then fold the corners diagonally

Fold back the 1/8th over the corners

Ditto for the other side

Carefully spread the sides apart

and pinch the corners to make them stand well. You can crease the ends to help them stand too.

All done!

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