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My House Monitor

I've been monitoring our house power consumption, solar PV generation and some environmental values too, for some time. I've finally got around to making a summary we page, MonitorSummary. It updates every 10 minutes on my local, home, server, but currently I only update it daily on my public web-site, tardus.net (too frequent FTP updates upset the server; it thinks someone is attacking it, and then blocks my legitimate FTP access).

The web page auto-refreshes.

I use smatool to get solar PV data from my SMA inverter, a CurrentCost ENVI CC128 power meter (which also gives inside temperature) and an Arduino Nano to collect outside ambient temperature and relative humidity from a DHT11 sensor.

Below is a non-refreshing reproduction of the summary page, to give the flavour.

Times are Australian Eastern Standard times
Power Export/Import
IN & OUT Temperatures
Consumed & Generated
OUT Temp. & RH

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