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The Kitchen to end all Kitchens - Construction Photos

Here the old kitchen has been gutted and one and a bit walls removed

Builder's assistant (and soon to be father-in-law) eyeing off the tough task of scraping off the old vinyl floor tiles - cemented down with some black adhesive 44 years ago
I like this one - reminds me of the head of John the Baptist. The hole in the floor was part of an earlier DIY airconditioning project.
you can see the old doorway into the laundry, which was covered over by the 1979 pantry. The other side became a laundry cupboard - you can see the open back
next to the window is an old doorway, now plastered over
the end wall was such a mess it got a layer of plasterboard as well
cupboards going in
... and the first of the cats to adorn the kitchen
benchtops in
to fill in the gaps on the "outside" of the kitchen we have some shallow cupboards - the builder's genius here, and very useful
the old corner post of the wall has been boxed in
the timber floor has been sanded and varnished
since the kitchen was all fresh, here I am painting the dining room - can't stop at the kitchen!
almost done
friends helping move the fridge back in after the builder had finished
Here is the outside wall vent for the rangehood. We get a very vigorous blast outside but whisper quite & odour-free ventilation inside

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