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Life is a Candle - a poem in memory of my Dad

A young neighbour of Dad's at Kiama, Heather Clempson, wrote this poem in his memory, and I have placed it here with her kind permission.

Life is a candle
So pretty and bright
It crackles along the wick
Life is like a light

But slowly it fades
Don't be too sad
For there will be a new one
Even so your were one of the best friends I ever had

Wax slowly rolling down the side
Is like another year that goes by
Resting at the bottom trying to hide
But when it ends it makes the people around us cry

When the light starts to fade
We slowly say good-bye
We look at the path the little wax has made
We will always think of them when we look up at the sky

The candle sits on a candle holder
Love is the holder in life
Some holders are warm but others are colder
Love can hurt as swiftly as a knife

The wick dies away
And there are those who believe they have been left behind
We let the burnt ashes lay
But they will always stay with us in out heart and in our mind

               In loving memory of Steve -----
               By Heather Clempson

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