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Where Do Love and Communication Come From?

Francis Schaeffer, one of the great thinkers of the 20th century, wrote:-

Modern man is deeply plagued by the question, "Where do love and communication come from?" Many artists who pour themselves out in their paintings, who paint bleak messages on canvas, many singers, many poets and dramatists are expressing the blackness of the fact that while everything hangs on love and communication, they don't know where these come from and the don't know what they mean. The biblical answer is quite otherwise: something was there before creation. God was there; love and communication were there; and therefore, prior even to Genesis 1:1, love and communication are intrinsic to what has always been.
("Genesis in Space and Time", p12)

("Beatrice Meeting Dante at a Marriage Feast, Denies him her Salutation" - Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1855)

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