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Making Coal Loads for Model Trains

I needed some coal loads for a micro G scale model train layout I am building. I had 2 vintage Trix-TTR coal wagons, but I didn't want to make the loads permanent.

Here is what a finished wagon and load looks like. These wagons are actually 00 scale so the same method would work for HO, as well as OO and G (and anything in between).

I used 2 scraps of 5mm foamboard as fillers, glued them together, and made a shallow tray of some black scrap cardstock, then glued it to the filler. For the coal I had some activated carbon from an old kitchen rangehood filter. I suspect it is just crushed charcoal.

I lined the wagon with clingwrap to stop the "coal" sticking, and inserted the filler-tray. "Coal" mixed with plain white (PVA) craft glue was then pushed into the tray with a pop stick and left to dry. By volume the mix was about 1 part glue to 3 parts "coal".

The coal sets firm, and the dried glue gives it a sheen, just like real coal has.

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