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3 Things Wives Wish Their Husbands Understood

A 3 Pyramid Puzzle

A Brief Introduction to the BASH Shell and Linux

A Circle Cutter is so very useful for paper modelling

A Garden Make-over

A Heavy Load

A Magic Book about the Black Dog (His name was depression)

Android Help for Beginners

An Elephant and an Owl from Yamaha

An Old Steam Winch

A Paper Pyramid Map of the Earth

A Paper Sushi Lunch

A Passive Solar Addition to my Home

A Reindeer warming up for Christmas duties

Art - Summary

A Search Button for Tardus.net

A Sharp Point

Asking Basic Questions

A Stormy Night

A Strange Bed, Fellow

A Tribute to Anne Frank

Australian Story - a painting by my mother

Bad Memories

Bargain Super-phone - the Motorola Moto G Gen 2

Benjamin Franklin's Folding Paper Ink Tray

Bikes - Summary

Bio - Summary

BitsNpieces - Summary

Blind Men Follow the King

Boats - Summary

Boffin - is that some sort of hobbit?

Bozeat Fete - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

Bread-Maker and Bread-givers

Bugatti Type 35

Cargo Trikes - 2nd Thoughts on Useful Tricycles.

Cars - Summary


Cat Command

Champions Challenge - Adventure Time 2009 & 2015

ChampionsChallenge - Summary

Cheap, Durable and Simple Painting of Galvanized Steel

Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV

Classic Willys Jeep - Paper Model

Cogitations - Summary

Coleman K1 Inflatable Kayak

Computers - Summary

Construction Hints for the Paper-model of the Voison Laboratoire Racing Car


C.S. Lewis Quotes


Daihatsu Midget Three-wheeled Micro Truck, Paper Model

Daniel Chapter 11 - God is mightier than the War-lords

Daniel Chapter 11 - God is mightier than the War-lords

Daniel Chapter 11 - God is mightier than the War-lords

Daniel Chapter 1

Daniel Chapter 2

Daniel Chapter 3

Daniel Chapter 4

Daniel Chapter 5

Daniel Chapter 6

Daniel Chapter 7

Daniel Chapter 8

Daniel Chapter 9

DanielFiles - Summary

Death in the City - Revelation 17 & 18


Dirkon Paper Pinhole Camera - and it works!

Do Christians get Depressed? You Better Believe It!

Duckchaser - brilliant reworking of an old folding kayak design.

Early Years

Editing an MP4 Video in Linux using Avidemux and avconv

Experimental Delta Recumbent Trike

Fear and Fear Not!

Finding Meaning

Finishing the Race - 2 Timothy 4


Flying Fun


Forwarding mail from Google Apps to a private Gmail account

Gadgets - Summary

Getting Wifi to work on a Thinkpad T42 under Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

God Always Triumphs Over Great Wickedness - Daniel Chapter 8

God Delights in Mercy - Daniel Chapter 4



God Humbles Man's Pride - Daniel Chapter 3

God Humbles Man's Pride - Daniel Chapter 3

God Humbles Man's Pride - Genesis 11



God IS Number One (Put God First) - Daniel Chapter 5

GOD PLANS for Joseph


God Rescues His Faithful People - Daniel Chapter 6

God Rescues Us (Even) from the Pit of Despair (Numbers 11

God Reveals His Eternal Kingdom - Daniel Chapter 7

God Rules, God Reveals - Daniel Chapter 2

God Shows Himself, MAN to Man - Daniel Chapter 10

God's people are not alone

God Uses Us Despite Our Failings (Numbers 11


Great and Glue-less Paper Car Models from Japan

Green - Summary

GroundBreakers - Summary

Happy Christmas Cat

Have you Seen my Pets?

Health - Summary

Heat-pump Hot Water - another green step

Help on Navigating this Web Site

Here's how to get in touch with me....

Hidden Art

Hippy Days

Homemade Rail bender for OO/HO Scale Code 100 Rails

Home Temperature Monitoring Using Maxim-Dallas DS18S20 1-Wire Sensors

How Are We To Worship? - Guarding Our Relationships

How to make an A6 size folded booklet from a single sheet of A4 paper using Linux

I am fond of pigs

Illustrations for Four Months in a Sneakbox by Nathaniel Bishop

Illustrations for The Voyage of the Paper Canoe, by Nathaniel Bishop


Jacking Up A Sagging Timber Deck

James 2

Jesus, King of Christmas

Jesus, King of Christmas - Video

Jesus Reveals - John's Gospel chapter 5

Jim's boat - 'Twice Mine!'

Keep Going!

KnightsOfTheKing - Summary

Landlubbers! 2006

Land-Lubbers - Summary

Life is a Candle - a poem in memory of my Dad

Life - Summary

Life, the Universe and Everything

Lightning Lettering

Linux dial-up with a SecurID one-shot password device - Xubuntu and WVDIAL

Linux Mint 14, a fix for scanning using an HP All-in-1

Living in God's Time

Long Ago Days - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

Love, Loss & Longing

Love, Loss & Longing

Love - Summary

Making an A5 size booklet for a series of images

Making Paper Squircle Fold-ups with ImageMagick

Martin Luther, Grace and OCD

Martin Luther, Grace and OCD

Martin Luther, Grace and OCD

Micro model train layout from Ariah Park

Mission Unstoppable - A Pagan Backlash

Models - Summary

Money Bags HOAX Email

Money - Summary

More Prayers from the Ark

Mum's Memoirs - a Brother and a Sister

MumsMemoirs - Summary

My Box-Trike building page

My Earliest Memories - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

MyGod - Summary

My House Monitor

My simple copyright statement

No Other Name

Of Course We Communicate

Olden Days - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

Old Mumbles

Our Coat of Arms

Our Domestic Rainwater Tanks - Lifting the Bigger Tanks

Our Domestic Rainwater Tanks - Modified Float Valve

Our Domestic Rainwater Tanks

OurHouse - Summary

Overview - The Real Revelation Code

Overview - The Real Revelation Code

PaperModels - Summary


Poetry - Summary

Preaching with Passion - 2 MP3s by Mike Raiter

Preparing to Sketch and Tell a Bible Story

Preventing a bicycle freewheel from freewheeling!

Profit and Loss

PyramidRock - Summary

Quotes - Summary

Raphael's School of Athens

Reading a CurrentCost CC128 ENVI Power Monitor using Debian Linux

Reading data from an Arduino's USB/serial port using Debian Linux

Real Christians Keep Going - 1 John 2

Rear Garden - Stage 1, Taming the Slope


Rescuing a Xiaomi MiBand 2 Fitness Tracker that won't sync.

Restoring an old 3 speed bicycle

Revelation 13 - Satan's Henchmen

Revelation Ch 4 - The Control Room of Heaven - God as Ruler/Creator

Revelation Chapter 12 - "The Woman, the Dragon and the Man-Child"

Revelation Chapter 14, "The Lamb with His Fair Army"

Revelation Chapter 19 - The King, the Queen, the Wedding and the Gatecrashers

Revelation Chapter 1 - The Lamb is all the Glory

Revelation Chapter 20 - The LAST Last Battle.

Revelation Chapter 5 - The Control Room of Heaven - God as Ruler/Redeemer

Revelation Chapter 6 - A Short History of the World- The Book is Opened

Revelation Chapter 7 - A Short History of the World - The Gathering Storm

Revelation Chapters 15 & 16 - The Last Battle

Revelation Chapters 21 & 22 - Paradise Restored, A City for All Nations

Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 - Tough Love Letters

Revelation Chapters 8 to 11, "The Trumpet of The Lord" (the 2nd Short History of the World)

Revelation - Summary

Revolutionary Command

Revolutionary Man

Schrodinger's Cat

Science - Summary

Search on tardus.net

Shiver Me Timbers

Simple Perspective and Other Sketching Tips


Sixpence, my second boat

Sketchboard Sermons, by Jim Duffecy

Sketching - Summary

Skull Hill

Solar Voltaic Power for my House

Some Pitfalls in Reading the Bible

Some Story Sketch Examples

S---'s PuppyLinux Powered Little Old Laptop

Story - Summary

Supernaturalism, Naturalism and Materialism

Tardus' Blog

Tardus Image Gallery

Tardus's Linux Hints and Tips

Targus AMP06 Wireless Presenter Mouse

That's a Good Question

The 10 Laws of IT

The And-Goat

The Australian Eastern Water Dragon

The Australian Eastern Water Dragon

The Autocanoe - an amphibious recumbent trike

The Best Miracle

The Biggest Swap Ever

The Big Test

The Centurion's Slave

The Empty Tomb (From Sad to Glad)

The First Sign


The Glory, Dignity and Dislocation of Man (with some signposts to Man's Healing)

The Good Oil

The good ship Tardus

The Hobbit Hole of Tardus

The Holy God Hears a Sinful Man's Prayer - Daniel Chapter 9

The Kitchen to end all Kitchens - Construction Photos

The Kitchen to end all Kitchens

The Lamb of God

The Light

The Littl'uns go Fishing - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

The Mighty Toyota Yaris Sedan

The Narcissist's Dictionary

The Narcissist's Dictionary

The Narcissist's Dictionary

The Narcissist's Prayer


The Origin of Evil

The Plain Man's Guide to Financial Security

The Prisoner's Post

The Problem of Pain

The Tardus Society

The Truth of a Flower, the Truth of Water

The Virtues of Thin Grinding Discs

The Wise and Foolish Builders


This World of Dew - Is It?

Three Steps to Finding the Perfect Marriage Partner







Txt2Tags - Write Once, Many Formats, Easy HTML

Uniden GPS 501 Road Hazard Alerter

US Civil War Mortar Boat

Useful Sketching Reference Material

Using a cheap Radio-Control toy as the base for a serious model

Using a Pair of Vise Grips as a Nut Cracker

Using GIMP to overlay small images on to a larger image.

Vanity of Vanities

Various Sketches for Bible Stories

Voison Laboratoire - Extra Pix

Voison Laboratoire Racing Car

Volkswagen Micro-bus - Paper Model

Wakkypedia - Summary

WakkyPedia - Summary

We Can Follow Jesus - The Biggest Swap Ever

What I do for a living

Where Do Love and Communication Come From?

Wildlife - Summary

Wisdom for Love, Courtship, Marriage, Sex & Salvation

Wise Men Follow the King

Wollaston Fair - my mother's memories

Yes Indeedy!

Zero-Energy Rainy Weather Clothes Drier