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Mum's Memoirs - a Brother and a Sister

May be now is the time for me to introduce one of my older brothers and my one sister still living with the parents at home in a village seething with gossip and as old fashioned as last year's hat of course.

My sister was 8 years older than I but we shared a bedroom and I came to love here dearly. She was very good looking with beautiful hair but the most awful name in the world; Mabel Gertrude, what a howler, so I renamed that to Mab (remember Queen Mab of the fairies?). She had titian coloured hair so Mab was accepted and she was so happy to wear her new name like a little crown on her head. She was a much loved and happier young lady from then on.

Joseph, my big brother, a good kind man, married later to Hilda, blonde and pretty with a heart big enough to embrace us all. She was a delight and made my brother's life so happy. They spent all the time together in a lovely marriage, with a girl and a boy as family, and love and happiness their aim.

(Mum had other brothers, but only mentions Joe here)

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