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Olden Days - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

In the "Good Old Days" no one thought anything of walking everywhere they needed to go, there being no cars, buses or trains. To walk was the only form of travel. It's hard to imagine now-a-days, as things have changed so much with the roads full of people-movers, with trains, buses, trams, cars, etc, but in those early days we just had our own two legs, known as "Shank's pony" and were content. Happily we used this slow lane and managed very well, with time to stop and stare. "What is this world so full of care if we don't have time to stop and stare?" True, isn't it? This mode of transport never bothered us at all and we were quite happy to take our time and live a quiet life with our families and friends.

We learnt everything we needed to know, passed all our exams and generally came through with no great effort. The quietness was good for us. We, as children, had plenty of time for play as daylight was extended naturally. We played until we were tired and then were quite happy to go to bed and read our books before sleep.

Part of our daily chores was to clean the paraffin lamps, then the older members of the family were left to fill them. It all had to be done very carefully. Mother had a row of candlesticks waiting on a dresser at the bottom of the stairs. At bedtime we each took one to see us safely up the stairs.

Georgina, 2006

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