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Wollaston Fair - my mother's memories

(England in the 1920s)

Every September was a week of fun. Roundabouts and swings, hoopla, coconut shies, everything to make people happy and to entice a few pence for the various games. Such a crowd of people! It was exciting just to be there. Everyone used to walk the 2 or 3 miles from the other villages around, there being no traffic to worry about. So there we all were looking for some fun. We just chased around all the stalls. The man in charge of the carousel made sure we had a lovely long ride; it gave him lots of pleasure to hear all the little voices saying "Thank You!" and he replied "See you all next year, and God bless."

Suddenly a voice said "What are you doing here?" It was our uncle Tom, who lived there. He said "You know I will have to take you home" so away to his home where Aunt Liz washed us then found food for us, and walked the 3 miles home tut-tutting all the way. "Go to bed!" They talked over a cup of "Camp" coffee and supper so they were happy. We were too, and we read our comics before sleeping. Some friends of Mother and Father emigrated to Canada and sent lots of comics for us which brought great pleasure. They were read over and over again; we felt so lucky, and had them for years. We must have known every word!

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