' Cheap, Durable and Simple Painting of Galvanized Steel

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Cheap, Durable and Simple Painting of Galvanized Steel

Tired of paint flaking off your galvanized steel guttering, or fencing, or anything else hot-dip galvanized? There is an answer.

Years ago in my job as a mechanical engineer in a large oil refinery I read a book put out by the galvanizing industry association here in Australia. I can't remember the title, but I do remember the section on how to make paint stick to it permanently. More precisely, what sort of paints will do the trick.

If you are not after a super hard or shiny finish, there is a paint that is commonly available, cheap and durable, and comes in an almost infinite range of colours. What is this magic paint you ask? Plain old water-based external house-paint! In Australia we call it "acrylic" paint, though it isn't always a true water-borne acrylic resin. In the USA I believe it is known generically as "latex", though again this is a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with natural rubber resin (ie, real latex).

For convenience lets just call it "acrylic/latex" for now.

What's the secret?

Appendix: - Tardus's simplistic guide to paints

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