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Classic Willys Jeep - Paper Model

This is a very detailed model from http://www.scribd.com/doc/2627427/Jeep-MB-1941-Willys-Paper-Model It is marked (in Spanish) "Maqueta diseñada y construida por A.Mauricio para su distribución gratuita" which translates to Scale model designed and constructed by A.Mauricio for its gratuitous distribution, ie, free for distribution and use. Thank you Toni Mauricio. In case the link moves, here is the PDF file for this model click to download the Jeep PDF.

The parts are very precisely printed, but the wording is all in Spanish. I thought I could work out everything but hit a few snags - in hindsight I should have used an on-line translator or dictionary to at least get the part names in English. Still, it turned out pretty well.

Here is the right side profile. I altered the wheels somewhat, as I do on most models now - I made the wheel discs without the triangular tabs, glued the tread into a band, then cut a plain disc that just fits inside the band. Once glued in place I glued in a smaller diameter version of the tread, then another disc on the other side of the tread. Finally I glued the printed wheel discs in place. I have found this the simplest way to make good looking wheels. Sorry, I forgot to take any pictures of the wheel internals, but the wheels of the earlier Bugatti Bugatti Type 35 are similar. I just did away with all tabs, whether on the treads or discs.

Front view

Front right quarter view

Above from the left

Close up from the left

Rear quarter view - note the Jerri-can for extra petrol

Overhead view - here I fudged the gear levers, using small pieces of bamboo skewers with paper rolled around the top to represent the knobs. I also had to make the rear seat a bit narrower to fit between the wheel arches

Babelfish translation of the Spanish in the PDF

Jeep was born the 23 from 1941 July, when Willys-Overland, of Toledo, state of Oiho, gained the contract to produce Willys MB for the Army of the United States, during World War II. The military Technicians had been very necessary about the type of vehicle for all intention (General Purpose or GP) who wanted for the war: light, maneuverable, hard, reliable and agile. Scale model designed and constructed by A.Mauricio for its gratuitous distribution Scale: 1/17

Espero que os guste, saludos Toni Mauricio No os olvideis de visitar mis paginas a menudo http://es.geocities.com/toni_mauricio2000 http://es.geocities.com/maquetasdeconstruccion

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