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Using a cheap Radio-Control toy as the base for a serious model

Cheap R/C toy

I picked up a cheap radio-control car toy with the idea of using it for a "real" model, say a scale fishing boat or tug. As I recall it cost about $12.

As you can see it is about 200mm long. The radio gives full speed forward, stop, and reverse, and much the same for the steering motor. The latter is just geared to a rack that is the tie-rod for the front wheels, with spring centring. Put the lever left and the motor turns the wheels full left and then stalls. There is no proportional control, ie, a little left on the lever giving a little bit of left steering.

The car needs 4 x AA cells, and the transmitter a single 9v rectangular battery (as typically used in smoke detectors).

How well does it work?

Maybe one day...

I always have more ideas than time to develop them. If you like the idea and do something, please drop me a line. If I get to do something, I'll put it up on this web-site.

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