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Our Domestic Rainwater Tanks - Lifting the Bigger Tanks back to the main tank article

Getting the two larger tanks in place was a minor challenge, as the corner of the deck at the rear of the house comes very close to the drop into the gully of the creek we overlook. There was just no way to roll or carry the tanks around the corner, and only a 900mm access down the other side of the house.

With the aid of my son and a neighbour we rigged up a rough "crane" and lifted them around easily and safely.

In essence, we strapped some treated pine landscaping logs to the top rail of the deck with duct tape. This stiffened the rail, and gave us a sliding surface without marring the rail (we lubricated the log upper surface by rubbing it with a bar of soap). Two more logs were bolted together to make a long enough beam, with large holes to take a 12mm nylon rope. We then proceeded as follows for each tank:-

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