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Rear Garden - Stage 1, Taming the Slope

August 2011: The rear of our property drops sharply into a gully, at a slope of about 45 degrees, and is quite loose as well. It's been an eye-sore for years, and a menace to keep clear of weeds. Several efforts to get pleasant plants to grow came to nothing, so since the landscapers did such a good job on the front we got them to do something with the back. They had never done anything as steep as this, but the results are excellent. Terraced 600mm walls of treated pine sleepers, fill, jute matting as a weed barrier, a thick layer of shredded eucalyptus mulch, and plantings of Grevillea "Honey Dew", which grows to about 3m high and 3m wide. Hopefully this will form a dense thicket of vegetation. It is also very easy now to get around to do spot weed-spraying.

Here are some photos, before and after.

Stage 2 will tame the tumble of rubbish at the bottom, about mid 2012.

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