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Overview - The Real Revelation Code

Author: Tardus July 2005

The Book of the Revelation, the last book of the Bible

What has this seemingly mysterious book to say to us in the 21st Century? It has puzzled many people, and there have been a vast number of interpretations of it, often with a lot of heated argument. Can anyone understand it?

Who has the key?

The Bible itself says (2Timothy 3:16) "all Scripture is breathed out by God... and is profitable", therefore Revelation must have a key. You cannot profit from what you cannot understand. (but it is very possible to misunderstand parts of the Bible, especially by ignoring what type each part is, eg, treating poetry as if it were literal truth. My page on Pitfalls in reading the Bible might be helpful. The Revelation is primarily truth given in a many symbols, in (often overlapping) visions, and with many repetitions of the same truths. It is both confusing and dangerous to force a literal interpretation upon it.

A helicopter ride over the treetops of Revelation.

Is it like the forest like Fangorn, dark and gloomy, or like the forest of Lothlorien, fair and beautiful (& both dangerous)?

1st thing we see, on edge of forest - The Guide Ch.1 (Ch.1:1-8)

2nd - a clearing in the forest, with 7 Love Letters on display. Ch.2&3 (Ch.2:1-11)

3rd - in the centre of the forest is a great mountain with the Control Room of the Universe. Ch. 4 & 5 (Ch.4:1,2 Ch.5:1-14)

4th - a sweep of cliffs, with murals; A whirlwind pictorial tour of world history from first century to now. Ch. 6-20 (Ch.12:1-6)

5th - near the end is a beautiful garden - Paradise Restored Ch. 21, 22 (Ch.21:1-8)

6th - Last Words - Invitation & Warning - (Ch. 22:12-21)

Overview Handout

handout of the overview

handout with missing words filled in

'Apocalypse Now' PDF reference

click here for my printable 'Apocalypse Now' quick guide to the Revelation

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