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Revelation Chapter 1 - The Lamb is all the Glory

A hard, mysterious book?

Easy to think it is a hard, mysterious book. "Revelation" - NOT SO! Its purpose is to reveal and not to hide!

In Elizabeth Gaskell's book "North & South" Bessy Higgins, a poor mill girl in a 19th century English cotton town, is dying of lung disease brought on by the cotton dust in the mills; the movie doesn't show that she was a Christian, and her great comfort was this book of Revelation, which she knew almost by heart! To her it was a book of hope, not terror.

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Chapter 1 is itself an overview

  1. Revelation is about Jesus Christ and by Jesus Christ (Man-Messiah)
  2. via John - he is in prison, but Jesus is not; the King is not in prison, His Word is not in prison;
  3. it is to Church - His people, who trust in Him;
  4. when? - verse 1 "soon" verse 3 "time is near" verse 7 "coming!" verse 19, it covers the whole period from Jesus' first to second comings;
    1. not ALL PAST, nor ALL FUTURE, John's "soon" extends to the end of age;
  5. The Lord Jesus Christ revealed - Lord, Revealer, Redeemer, Husband & Judge;
  6. It is truth revealed in Signs & symbols;
    1. Sharp 2-edged sword in His mouth;
    2. 7 spirits, 7 stars, 7 churches, 7 lamps (fullness, completion);
    3. stars & lamps explained (they are symbols!);
    4. stars=messengers, probably pastors, in His hand (sent, protected, empowered); stars give a little light ("then the traveller in the dark thanks you for your tiny spark" - a rarely heard second verse to "Twinkle twinkle little star");
    5. lamps=churches - to show His glory and gospel in the world (not just pastors!).

The Lamb is All the Glory!

Lord - Jesus - Christ:





Where am I? Where are you?

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