Shiver Me Timbers

Updated: 25 June 2012

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Shiver Me Timbers

By hook or by crook
I'll be Captain Book!

I'll tell of a journey,
Far, far from home.
Through storm, wind and wave,
Destination, ROME!

PAUL thinks back over his difficult voyage to Rome

... to appear before the Emperor.

To Caesar!

... A very long voyage. Sailors want to go on, even though the winter has come with its threat of storms. Acts 27:9,10 A terrible storm hits the ship. It is so fierce that the sailors are scared stiff. So scared that on the 3rd day they dump the cargo overboard ("there goes all the money!") The ship is helpless before the wind and waves. After 14 days of fury and darkness all hope is lost and all they can do is WORRY. Acts 27:13-20

Has God forgotten Paul, or has the storm taken God by surprise?


... One person is not worrying - Paul is PRAYing. God often allows troubles so that we can pray to Him. He will not forget us! Why worry when you can pray!

An angel messenger from God tells Paul "Do not be afraid, Paul; you must stand before Caesar. And, behold, God has granted you all those who sail with you." Paul had been praying for all of them - even his Roman guards!

Paul tells them to cheer them up ("not a hair of your head will perish" Acts 27:34) and gets them to eat something. But he also tells them the ship will be wrecked on an island.

About midnight "LAND HO!"

... the sailors sense they are near to some land. Terror takes them, as the wind is blowing them towards the sound of breaking surf. They put out 4 anchors from the stern to stop the ship crashing on the rocks.

The sailors try to escape in the ship's boat, but Paul tells the Roman officer, and his men cut the boat loose. Without the sailors they must all drown. See how God answers Paul's prayer for their safety, yet the answer often comes through what we do too! Paul prayed, but he used his God-given common-sense too.

Dawn comes

... and the sailors cut the anchors, and aim for the beach. Crash!!! The ship hits a sandbar and is stuck fast. The huge waves begin to break the ship apart. The Roman guards want to kill Paul and the other prisoners, in case they escape (remember, Roman guards were killed if they lost their prisoners). God stops them, for the Roman officer respects Paul, and orders them to let everyone go over the side and try for the shore.

Everyone gets ashore! All 276 of them are SAFE

There is still another trouble waiting.

... A fire is lit on the beach to keep them all warm. Paul gathers some sticks to help, but as he puts them on the fire, a poisonous snake (a viper) crawls out of the bundle and bites his hand. People expect him to drop dead, but he does not. God is still keeping him SAFE. Acts 28:5,6

God wants Paul to go to Rome and tell the good news of Jesus there.

Why worry when you can Pray?

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