Jim's boat - 'Twice Mine!'

Updated: 21 March 2014

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Jim's boat - 'Twice Mine!'

Who MADE absolutely everything? Well, we like to make things too (making things is one of God's gifts to us all).

A young boy called Jim loved to make things. Jim spend many weeks making a model boat. He painted it bright colours and put a strong electric motor and some batteries in it so it could go fast in the water.

Mum and Dad took Jim for a picnic by a creek one day, so he took his precious boat along. The creek water was flowing swiftly as he put his boat in. His beautiful boat did indeed go fast, and upstream too, against the water rushing down the creek to the river and eventually to the sea. Jim was so happy! His boat that he had made was a great success.

Jim followed along the bank of the creek watching the boat he had made pushing strongly through the water. There was a spot where a lot of bushes, grass and reeds were growing down to the water, and he could not see his boat anymore. He waited for it to come out the other end, but it didn't. He waited and waited. He looked and looked. Dad came to help search, but they could not find it. Dad said sadly "it must have got caught among the reeds or bushes" and the water was too deep and fast to wade in and look for it. It was a sad family that went home that day, and Jim saddest of all. His precious boat was LOST.

Many weeks went by. One day Jim was passing a funny old shop that sold all sorts of things, and in the window he saw his boat! He rushed inside - "Please" he said, "that's my boat in your window." "Sorry, sonny" the shopkeeper replied, "It's mine now. I PAID FOR it. I bought it from a man who found it in a river, and cleaned it up. I"m selling it for $40 now." Poor Jim was really sad now. He went home, thinking hard - "How can I get $40 to buy back my boat?".

He remembered that he had a very good bike. "Dad, a shop has my boat now - can I swap my bike for it, please?" Dad knew how much Jim loved his boat and said he could.

Next day Jim went to the shopkeeper. "Will you buy my bike for $40, so I can buy back my boat?" Jim had looked after his bike very well, and it was in very good condition, so the shopkeeper agreed. "It's a deal."

That is how Jim got back his boat. He said to his boat "You are mine twice now, for I MADE you, and after you were LOST, I PAID a high price FOR you too!"

Now that is just what God has done. He made us

We became lost
He paid for us, by sending His Son Jesus to rescue us.

Will you trust in Jesus? Then you will be God's twice - MADE and PAID FOR.

Here is my background drawing, before I did the sketch and tell.

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