Great and Glue-less Paper Car Models from Japan

Updated: 1 April 2010

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Great and Glue-less Paper Car Models from Japan

Ferrari F50 added April 2010

I made this one while on holiday at Nelson Bay, March 2010. These simple paper models are a useful pastime for holidays - very little to pack, and not much to bring home either.

I found some very interesting paper car models on a site in Japan. click here for the site

What is especially interesting is:-

Here's my first attempt, a Ford GT-40

I made the mistake of glueing this one, and it was tricky. Later I found the visual instruction page and realized glue is not needed.

Renault Kangoo

The site is in Japanese, but I googled for it and got a translation, and it looks like you are free to use the designs for your own purposes, just don't copy them to another site, or make money out of them, etc.

Here are a few more I made for some friends

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