Asking Basic Questions

Updated: 27 August 2009

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Asking Basic Questions

Here is a passage from "L'Abri" by Edith Schaeffer, illustrating how her husband Frances answered a questioner.

"So you believe all those myths really took place? You just start with the Bible, and go on from there" someone would ask.

... the reply from Fran would be something like this at times,

"Wait a minute, you have to start farther back ... it is first of all a question of the meaning of personality in the universe. Let us imagine that the universe is entirely solids and water, no air in all the universe. All right then, you have fish living in this water for centuries. Then one of these fish by chance develops lungs that need air. Is this progress? Is this an improvement? No, the fish would drown because it would no longer be fitted for its environment."

"You think you have an explanation of the universe that suits you. Have you an adequate explanation that tells the origin of that which you know best, yourself? Where did personality come from in the universe? Where did appreciation of beauty, the possibility of saying 'it is right', 'it is wrong', come from? Where did morality come from? What is it beyond biological attraction that makes it meaningful for a man to say 'I love you' to a woman?

Let's not ask first of all 'is the Bible true?' Let's first see what the basic questions are, and find what the system taught in the Bible has in the way of answers."

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