Bugatti Type 35

Updated: 12 Apr 2007

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Bugatti Type 35

Bugatti Type 35

The Type 35 was, according to Wikipedia, the most successful racing car of all time, winning over 1000 races. They were designed by Ettore Bugatti of France in the 1920s. Notable features were a small straight eight engine with roller bearings for the crankshaft allowing 6000 rpm, very high for the time, alloy wheels with integral drum brakes, a hollow tubular steel front axle (to reduce the unsprung weight - most cars then had heavy forged "I" beam front axles) and one of the most beautiful two-seater bodies ever designed. The racing rules of the day required a second seat for the riding mechanic. Bugatti happily sold the cars to anyone that wanted (and could afford one).

Here is a fairly simple paper model I downloaded from - this is a zip file

March 2022 update: The zip file mentioned above is stll available, but here is an even better-looking dowloadable model []

The instructions are in German, so I had to make do with just the pictures and a bit of ingenuity.

Here are some other photos. One thing I found useful was fixing the main body panel to a piece of light plywood with a few spots of glue. This greatly helps in keeping the car from warping. Once finished, the body can be separated from the ply with a fine knife blade.

Model Photos

I also made internal stiffeners for the wheels, as you can see in the photo below. Essentially this is a wheel within the wheel, helping me to keep everything aligned. Good looking wheels are one of the trickiest things to do (at least for me!)

I used a bamboo skewer for the back axle, and a combination of bamboo and rolled paper tubes for the front axle.

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