A Paper Pyramid Map of the Earth

Updated: 14 July 2019

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A Paper Pyramid Map of the Earth . A Tetrahedron wanting to be a Sphere!

First published 12 Oct 2015

Updated 14 July 2019

The site at progonos.com no longer exists. The tetrahedral earth maps that Carlos A. Furuti placed there are copyright by him and marked "Freely distributable if unchanged". I've added 3 images that I had previously downloaded to my website for anyone who wants to make one of Carlos's brilliant tetrahedral earth maps. Just right-click on an image to download it.

PDF File of the one I made

The pdf of the one I made is here

Original page content follows

This site has some remarkable downloadable "globes", some cubic, some icosahedral, and the simplest being tetrahedral, ie, a triangular based pyramid, with all faces being equilateral triangles.


Here are some quick tips on constructing it, intended for school kids.


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