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Preventing a bicycle freewheel from freewheeling!

You might want to do this if you want to try fixed-wheel riding on the cheap. I wanted to do it for another reason - making a transfer shaft (jackshaft) for a homemade trike project. I worked out a way using two old freewheel clusters, but beacuse the driven rear wheel is on the right, I needed to stop the freewheels freewheeling.

First, how does a freewheel work?

This diagram shows a simplified view. The green centre part is driven by the chain, and the red pawl locks into the blue, notched outer part, which is attached to the wheel. If you pedal backwards, or coast, the blue part turns faster tna the green, and the pawl just skips over the sloping notches making a click-click sound that mpost cyclists know so well.

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