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Have you Seen my Pets?

Author: Nesta F Sutherland

This poem was written by my friend Nesta, sometime in 2009. It's here with her permission, but note that it is still covered by her copyright.

Have You Seen my Pets?

 I had three peccadillos-
 Truly interesting creatures;
 Although my friends and family
 Failed to see their finer features,

 So I kept them in a secret place
 Away from prying eyes,
 But they still made their presence felt
 Through loud and plaintive cries.

 Mostly they slept, and caused me little trouble-
 During the day,
 But oh, at night when I needed to sleep
 They wanted to romp and play.

 They led me quite a merry chase
 When I tried to tie them down,
 Until I became a frazzled mess
 Beneath a hopeless frown.

 At last my family insisted
 I needed a vacation,
 And packed me off to a seminar
 For character modification.

 I really enjoyed the seminar
 And came back free from care,
 To find that my precious peccadillos
 Had gone - I know not where!

 It does feel strange without them,
 I hope they do miss me
 And that whoever adopts them
 Will treat them with TLC.
Copyright Nesta F Sutherland

PECCADILLO - A petty sin or offence, a slight fault in one's character

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