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Updated: 15 Feb 2007

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Hidden Art

I read a book called "Hidden Art" by Edith Schaeffer, and it altered my approach to art and beauty. I have always had a love for both, but the pragmatic engineer side of me would often opt for "rough enough is good enough".

This book showed me that everyday objects and needs can and should be treated as art and beauty. A meal can be prepared with the eye in mind as well as the stomach! A bookcase can be beautiful, even is less than 100% efficient, like my "boatcase" I built a few years back.

Or again, my wife's cat and hat collection

And here is "Smaug" the dragon, a gift from my daughter

Pinky and BlueBoy done in cross-stitch

...and one of the paper models I have made from an Internet download pattern; this one is "Old Mumbles", an ancient English lighthouse.

or even this little sketch I made for my mother about last Christmas

The point? Good art need not be "great" art to be art, to be beautiful.

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