Linux Mint 14, a fix for scanning using an HP All-in-1

Updated: 23 March 2013

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Linux Mint 14, a fix for scanning using an HP All-in-1

UPDATE I have since upgraded to Linux Mint 17 Mate, and the scanner works out of the box, as does duplex printing on the HP Photosmart 6520. Hurray!

I have just updated the family laptops to Linux Mint 14, replacing Ubuntu, which I had used for many years (the new "Unity" interface in Ubuntu 12 is not my cup of tea at all).

Mint is based on Ubuntu/Debian, and comes configured with just about everything. Wifi setup and wireless printing setup was effortless. However, I could not get scanning to work. Even with a USB cable between the printer (an HP Photosmart 6520 printer/scanner/copier) I would get a message about no scanners detected when I tried to use the default SimpleScan application.

Now I had the same problem when I updated a while back to Ubuntu 11.x/12.x, and the fix was a different version of HP's hplip software. The one that worked for Ubuntu was version 3.12.11.

_In short, removing the default version 3.12.6 and installing 3.12.11 fixed the problem._

I still had the install file I ran this at a terminal prompt (Menu > Terminal, this will give you a window with a command prompt, typically something like _username@PCname_. The "_mint>_" below is meant to represent a generic prompt, and you do NOT type it in), and suggest the following:-

_mint>_ sudo

enter your user password, then follow the prompts.

I generally took the default options. An exception was when it asked if it should remove the old hplip version. I said YES. Also, when it offered to update to an even later version 3.13.3, I declined. I knew 3.12.11 worked for Ubuntu, so decided to stick with that. I can always update if there are issues.

It suggested setting up a printer as the last stage, so I did, mainly to verify the install.

This was 2 weeks ago, printing is fine, as is scanning.

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