Landlubbers! 2006

Updated: 26 May 2007

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Landlubbers! 2006

Kids' Adventure Time 2006

I really enjoyed spending a a week at a country church in the Hunter Valley as the Bible story-teller/teacher at a holiday "Adventure Time"

The theme was "Pirates!" so I was given the name of Captain Hook alias "Captain Book"

We were shipwrecked pirates setting out to go straight and get the King's pardon. Here's the compere Captain Heave-Ho with Dangerous Daisy

Some young friends...

Here's the rest of the Pirate crew (the rough-looking guy in the check shirt is the minister of the church!) ...

One of my daily stories from the adventures of Paul in the Bible.

Storytelling and painting together never loses its magic with the kids, not even in this age of super-duper graphics and special effects. I've been doing it for 35 years or so now, and still it holds the attention of all ages for the 20 minutes I need to tell the story and teach the Bible truths.

Sketches and Stories

28th June 2009 - here are the notes and pictures I put together for the kids afterwards Sketches and Stories

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