Happy Christmas Cat

Updated: 19 December 2011

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Happy Christmas Cat

Maneki Neko

Knowing her love of all things feline, friends gave my wife a Maneki Neko, a Japanese "lucky cat", with a motorised beckoning arm.

Here it is dressed up for Christmas with a hat and Noel sign. "Noel" comes from the Latin natalis, celebrating the birth of Jesus the Messiah. Thank God we can trust in Him and not have to depend on "luck".

30 second video of the cat waving

How to shrink a video, to save bandwidth and time

I took the video using a Samsung standard definition camcorder, and though only about 30 seconds long, it was over 20MBytes. Guess that is normal. However, not wanting to clutter my website with big files, I hunted out the following way to shrink it.

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