The Plain Man's Guide to Financial Security

Updated: 24 November 2011

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The Plain Man's Guide to Financial Security first published 3 Nov 2011

Or how to travel life's pathway with a fair hope of contentment along the way.


As an engineer I had to learn a bit about money - cost-benefit analysis and how to get funds approved for a project. After many years as I approached retirement I began to attend my employer's occasional retirement planning seminars, and picked up some ideas that struck me as "obviously" true though I had never thought of them. When I was made redundant and accelerated into retirement I needed to get practical about the ideas and information and do something to provide a retirement income. My experiences, mixed well with the Biblical values I have long held as a Christian, I put together for a presentation at a men's breakfast in 2011, and here it is again with some expansions and references. Hopefully it will be of use to someone!


I'm an engineer, so I tend to approximate and simplify. As another engineer put it, I'm hyper-simplifying here. The principles here are true, I believe, but applying them is not always easy. I'm not an economist, nor an investment advisor, and any decisions you make must remain your own responsibility. If in doubt, get some professional advise, or do your own research.

Three Things ...

Firstly, 3 principles that shape our thinking about money

1. Bags with Holes

"Really! It won't make me happy? I'd sure like to try!"

2. Being rich isn't wrong

3. Better to give than to get

3 principles that shape our handling of money

1. Big $$$ = Big Risk

2. Eggs can teach us

Property, FACT or FANTASY?

A Turkey Parable

3. Early Birds (not the same as turkeys!)

Final Bits and Pieces

What I did

Here's the original slideshow in web page format

Here's the MP3 audio file of the original presentation

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