Preaching with Passion - 2 MP3s by Mike Raiter

Updated: 23 June 2009

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Preaching with Passion - 2 MP3s by Mike Raiter

Mike Raiter from the Bible College of Victoria came up to speak at a seminar on preaching with passion, and also some clues on the practicalities of preaching so that your listeners are neither bored nor starved.

I missed hearing him, due to a family crisis, but a friend did the recording for me (usually my task - Olympus WS-100 digital micro recorder).

Here they are if you'd like to download and listen - well worth it!

(right click and select Save....)

Preaching with Passion

Some Practicalities of Preaching

Olympus WS-100 =

The Olympus WS-100 is a great little recorder. Tiny, has side buttons similar to the older micro-cassette recorders, so no fiddling around with menus on a tiny screen. Just press REC, STOP, PLAY, etc. It has 64MB or RAM, and records directly to WMA format files. The battery holder slides off to reveal a USB plug, so you just insert into your PC and download the files.

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