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Updated: 6 Jan 2017

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A Search Button for Tardus.net

Updated to use DuckduckGo

The "Entropy Search" on my web-hoster was never very wonderful, searching only for single words, and needing a manual re-indexing after every change to content. Finally, the option to re-index disappeared from cPanel on their site.

After a fresh look I found I can do it easily using a custom search on DuckDuckGo.

Here is the code I had to insert in my pages:- <iframe src="https://duckduckgo.com/search.html?duck=yes&site=tardus.net&prefill=Search Tardus.net" style="overflow:hidden;margin:0;padding:0;width:483px;height:60px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Original Entropy search - 2011

I've long wanted some sort of search facility for this web-site. After scouting around, and finding that Google's site search is not free unless you allow it to insert ads (which is fine - they have to make a living too!), I checked with my web-hoster, 3ix.com, and found they have a simple search facility ready to go. It uses a utility called "Entropy Search", and I have now added their code fragment to the home page of tardus.net

So, 'twas easy after all.

Seems the alternatives are:- 1. use Google's with ads (for free) or for a few dollars a year 2. google for other similar search engine facilities 3. see if your web-hoster has something you can use 4. if you have your own server, then build your own search facility using htDig or the like.

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