An Old Steam Winch

Updated: 24 December 2012

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An Old Steam Winch

We saw this interesting old steam winch at the wonderful museum at Wollombi in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

Here is the text on the placard:-

  Manufactured by Robert Roger & Co.Ltd. 
  Engineers of Stockton on Tees. S/No 1725. 
  The unit features two double acting steam engines 
  with associated herringbone gearing driving the winch drum. 
  It is believed that this winch was originally used 
  on a coastal steamer before the 1930's. 
  It then was employed to haul logs at Earnest and 
  Arthur Craft's Timber Mill at Millfield. 
  It operated at the mill from the 1930's until 
  the early 1960's. When electric power was introduced 
  it ceased operation. 
  The winch has been donated to the museum by the Craft Bros. 

(I think it means "two double acting cylinders", not "engines")

Click the following for more photos:-

cylinder side view ... quarter view ... steam supply valve end ... another quarter view ... second cylinder view ... another quarter view ... another quarter view ... dog clutches and herringbone gears ... gear close up ... crank disk ... winch drum bearing ... winch drum bearing ... cylinder valve chest ... the regulator? ... more on clutches and gears ... the placard

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