A Paper Sushi Lunch

Updated: 2 April 2010

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A Paper Sushi Lunch

I'd heard of the lacquered sushi food boxes ("bento" box ???) so when I saw this paper model I was instantly intrigued by it. Sushi Lunch

A love of models, miniatures, bright colours and orderly shapes (but not yet of Sushi food!) made it a "must-make-one" for me. I printed it out on to 200gm/m2 card, and took it with me while on holiday. These paper models are fascinating and fairly quick builds, and just the thing for an interesting relaxation and diversion. I've also got someone in mind who might like it.

Here's what mine looks like. The pic on the web-site shows only 3 wedge-shaped morsels, but the print-outs have 4. I managed to fit all four in, but its a squeeze.

This is an easy model to make.

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