The good ship Tardus

Updated: 26 Jun 2007

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The good ship Tardus

I guess like many I have toyed with the idea of building a boat for years, and finally decided to do something.

I first came across Phil Bolger's name in the book "Cruising on a Small Income". The author, Ann Hill, and her husband built a Tortoise as a tender for their 34 foot junk-rigged Badger dory. Lots of Internet hours later I knew a bit about Bolger's fascinating designs and got familiar with Dynamite Payson's web-site.

My kids bought me Dynamite's "New Instant Boats" so I decided it was time to build. A square boat had to be easy, and it was. It's also appealing in its ugliness and minimalist design (though I've long since started to think it looks fine!)

What - Modified?


Here are some pictures of the second outing, at beautiful Bonnievale in the Royal National Park 30 minutes from my home.

On top of the car, ready to go...

in the water...

capsize testing...

and sailing two-up at hull speed (maybe 3 knots)..

Here is the only time Tardus sailed at Port Stephens - a 1/10th scale model sailing on the end of a line at Taylors Beach. This was on the beach about 20 metres from the verandah of the holiday house we were renting.

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