Using a Pair of Vise Grips as a Nut Cracker

Updated: 25 August 2013

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Using a Pair of Vise Grips as a Nut Cracker

As my hands get older and stiffer cracking nutshells becomes a problem. It occurred to me that what was needed was a nutcracker with a compound action, so that a larger force could be exerted on the shell without needing the strength of Hercules. It would also help if there was some way to prevent the nut being crushed completely when the shell does give way. At that point it flashed into my mind that I already had several such devices in my workshop. They are called vise-grips

They already have the compound action, so that they can strongly grip worn or frozen metal parts, and the jaws do not fully close unless you want them to.

Here's a picture of an almond being cracked. I adjusted the knurled screw in the end of the handle so that the almond shell was firmly held, then squeezed the handles together. If the nut doesn't crack first time, just release the tension and screw the adjuster in a turn, then try again.

Eventually the shell will split.

So, if you need a good nut cracker, visit your local tool shop.

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