Volkswagen Micro-bus - Paper Model

Updated: 17 October 2013

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Volkswagen Micro-bus - Paper Model

This is a model of a VW Micro-bus (not sure what vintage - my knowledge of years and models ends with the original Type 2, which I once owned).

I downloaded it from and assembled it while on holiday a few years ago. Finally it sees the light of day, though the actual paper model has since succumbed to the waste paper basket.

The downloaded PDF is quite detailed and accurate, and there are a number of variants at the web-site, including a pickup.

Ready for final glueing of the body and chassis

A view from the front

... from the left

... from underneath

I modified the wheels by making some extra disks that just fit inside the tread rings, separated by a smaller paper ring. This, at least for me, gives me much neater and stronger wheels. The printed wheel disks are glued on as a last step.

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