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Voison Laboratoire Racing Car Paper Model of a 1923 Voison Laboratoire Racing Car Last updated: $17 January 2020

An Unusual Car

The Voison Laboratoire was an experimental French racing car from 1923, made by the Voison aircraft company.

Among its unusual features were:-

However, it did not have enough power, and was unsuccessful.

Here are some more pictures of the model.


You can download the model from http://pierreg.free.fr/carton/projet/voisin/voisin.htm and print it out.

It was not as easy to build as I thought, but on the second attempt I got it right. Problems were keeping the body alignment correct, and making the wheels (latter is a common problem for any paper car).

Construction Hints

Here is a page with some hints from my experience

More Pictures

Some more pix

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