GroundBreakers - Summary

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GroundBreakers - Summary

Here are my illustrated Bible stories for a kids' school holiday "Adventure Time" at a church in the Hunter Valley. The theme for the week is "Ground Breakers", hence the title.

This is my 5th "adventure Time" with lots of primary age kids and a wonderful team of all ages from the church. They really do the lion's share of the work, and it is exciting to be with them.

The base material comes from Scripture Union UK, and you can see it at

The Scripture Union kids' club packages are very good. Lots of material and ideas, resources to print and videos to use, plus of course the overall plan for the week. You could of course invent your own, and there's nothing wrong with that, but the SU material saves a pile of work, and is excellent in quality and content.


CLICK HERE for the full article day1FollowThePlan:

Jonah chapters 1 to 3 Here is the initial preparation with the title. MORE...


CLICK HERE for the full article day2TheFoundation:

Nehemiah Chapters 1-7:3 God taught one special group of people what He was really like, and what was right and good. They were Jonah's people, and He did this for hundreds of years. Yet again and again they turned away from God, worshipping idols and doing bad things. At last God said again "No More!" and sent another nation, with a fierce king (Nebuchadnezzar), to carry them off as slaves to a far-away country (Babylon). 150 years later one of their great-great-grandchildren was a very important man serving a new king in Persia. His name was Nehemiah. MORE...


CLICK HERE for the full article day3BigTest:

Kings Chapter 18 Why? Wicked king Ahab, and people had turned away from the Lord God AGAIN (do you ever do the same wrong things AGAIN?). It was God who had made them, and given them the good land they lived in. Ahab told the people "Baal is God!" Baal was a false, make-believe god, the god (so they said) of storms and rain and lightning. King Ahab's wife Queen Jezebel was the princess of Tyre, where Baal was already worshipped. They thought Baal was cruel, and even killed people as human sacrifices to Baal. MORE...


CLICK HERE for the full article day4RepairWork:

2 Kings Chapter 19, 2 Chronicles Chapters 29-32

  • old King Ahaz was dying - he had been a bad king, turning away from the true God and worshipping idols - he even killed one of his own sons as a sacrifice (2 Kings chapter 16 verses 2 and 3) MORE...


CLICK HERE for the full article day5DiggingDeep:

Mark Chapter 2, verse 1 to 12, Luke Chapter 5 verses 17 to 26, John Chapters 14 verse 6, 19 verses 17 to -30, 20 verse 1 to 10 Many years later God sent someone to save us all, and bring us back to God. Wasn't Jonah, wasn't Nehemiah, wasn't Elijah, nor even King Hezekiah. It was Jesus, born to Mary, the wife of a poor carpenter name Joseph, but really he was God's Son. MORE...


CLICK HERE for the full article groundBreakersFamily:

Today's story from the Bible goes right back to the beginning. Really, they all do, for it is really all one giant story. (Here is the background to my sketch) MORE...

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