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Nehemiah Chapters 1-7:3

God taught one special group of people what He was really like, and what was right and good. They were Jonah's people, and He did this for hundreds of years. Yet again and again they turned away from God, worshipping idols and doing bad things. At last God said again "No More!" and sent another nation, with a fierce king (Nebuchadnezzar), to carry them off as slaves to a far-away country (Babylon). 150 years later one of their great-great-grandchildren was a very important man serving a new king in Persia. His name was Nehemiah.

Nehemiah before the KING.

Nehemiah was cup-bearer to the King, entrusted with making sure no one poisoned the King.

Nehemiah before the WALL

Nehemiah before the PEOPLE

Nehemiah before the ENEMIES

The Wall is Built

Your House?

Here is the complete drawing

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