A Stormy Night

Updated: 5 July 2015

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A Stormy Night

(Here is the background to my sketch)

This is the last of the Bible stories for Adventure Time 2009. In it we see the power and kindness of Jesus, and how much we need Him. (Matthew's Gospel, chapter 14, verses 23 to 33)

A Boat Trip without Jesus

HE IS ABLE TO SAVE (Hebrews 7:25)

Jesus had just shown His awesome power by feeding 5000 men with just 5 bread rolls and 2 dried fish. Now that the crowd had eaten, He sent them away, for it was getting dark. He sent his friends to their fishing boat, and sent them home across the Sea of Galilee, but He climbed the mountain and prayed through the night.

A Stormy Night

Darkness fell around them as they rowed across the sea. Some people are afraid of the dark, but we do NOT need to be afraid if Jesus is with us. Some people like the dark, for then they think no one can see what they do wrong (but God sees everything - there is no darkness for Him).

When they were part way across the sea, a violent wind came up. The waves were whipped up by the wind, and try as they might, they made no progress against the wind. They rowed all night and were utterly exhausted. That's a picture of us. How often life beats against us like a storm, and we feel we are getting nowhere!

Jesus Saw Them, and He Cared

He cared enough for them to come down from the mountain.

He cared enough for us to come down from heaven and go up to the cross.

It was after 3 o'clock in the morning, dark, cold, and roaring wind and waves. His friends were at their wits' end.

Suddenly one of them screams out "Look over there!", and they see the shadowy outline of a man walking over the waves. Impossible! Scared stiff, they yell "Its a ghost!". Jesus is our best Friend and our Only Hope, but so many people are afraid of Him, rather than welcoming him.

That very moment Jesus calls out "Don't be afraid - it's Me!". What a relief! Why shouldn't Jesus, the Son of God, Who made the world out of nothing, and fed huge crowds with next-to-nothing, and made all the seas, make the water carry His weight?

Peter's Leap of Faith

Peter, never the "look before you leap" sort, calls out "Lord, IF it is you, command me to come to you on the water". Peter wasn't convinced it was Jesus.

Jesus gave Peter a one word invitation, "COME", and it has your name in it too. It is for every "ME" that hears it.

Peter steps over the side of the boat - his first step convinces him as he begins to walk to Jesus.

The waves are still rushing at Peter, and the wind is roaring. He takes his eyes off Jesus and looks at the danger. Instantly he begins to sink!

"LORD SAVE ME!" he cries out.

Instantly, Jesus reaches him, takes his hand, and lifts him up, and they are at the boat again. Jesus may let us stumble, so that we learn how weak we are, but He will not let anyone who trusts in Him drown in any of life's storms. He is able to save. "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?" says Jesus. Peter had only little faith, but it was in the right Person, Jesus.

The Gospel Chain

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This story is taken from Jim Duffecy's book "Sketchboard Sermons", which you can find at Sketchboard Sermons. I have adapted it, but not much.

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