Sketchboard Sermons, by Jim Duffecy

Updated: 29 July 2007

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Sketchboard Sermons, by Jim Duffecy

When I was a young man I had the privilege of watching a great story-teller at work. Jim Duffecy sketched and spoke at the same time, and wove both mediums together into an unforgettable whole. His passion was the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and his story-telling always aimed at that.

I think I learned more from him than any other, and when I wanted to do some basic training for would-be Bible story-tellers in 2004, the publishers of Jim's little book "Sketchboard Sermons" kindly gave me permission to copy it for any who wanted it. Thank you,

Here then is Jim's booklet, scanned in, and only of fair quality. If anyone wants to transcribe the text into plain text files, I'd be delighted to re-publish with the pictures. My old copy was well-worn and with lots of annotations, which I did my best to remove before scanning.

There are 2 PDF files for the whole book, as well as JPEGs of each double page. (2 files because my web hosting service doesn't permit uploads above 10MB)

Part 1 PDF Part 2 PDF

Note: the text in the individual images below looks poor in my web browser, but if you save the files and view with a PDF viewer, you can zoom in and read it quite well.

Title Page


Introduction Part 1

Introduction Part 2

Everything Adds Up To Nothing

Certainties For An Uncertain World

The Obvious Is Not Always Apparent

A Great Mystery And Its Simple Solution

Is The Day Of Miracles Past

Believing Is Seeing

A Stormy Night

The Mistakes Of A Great Soldier

The Drama Of Salvation In Three Acts

The World's Biggest Boomerang

The Soldier Who Built A Church

A Gospel To Be Proud Of

When Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Famous Last Words

The MUST Of Calvary

Signs Of Christmas

Mountain Peaks Of Revelation

Love Will Find A Way

How Sweet are Thy Words

Personal Work Crossword

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