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Genesis chapter 41


Pharaoh has bad, frightening DREAMS. 7 fat, healthy cows are eaten up by 7 skinny and sick cows, yet the skinny ones are no fatter afterwards. Then he saw 7 plump and healthy ears of corn, which were swallowed up by 7 scrawny and withered ears of corn, yet the scrawny ears looked just as bad afterwards. His wise men cannot tell him what the dreams mean. They show themselves to be helpless helpers.

Only God, who knows everything, knows what dreams mean.


God had never forgotten Joseph, but now he makes the butler REMEMBER his promise to Joseph, when Joseph, by God's help, explained the butler's dream, while he was in prison - "a young Hebrew was there with us". The pathway to Pharaoh's favour is open at last.


Joseph explains the frightening dreams to Pharaoh. Both dreams mean the same thing. There will be 7 very good years with big harvests and healthy animals, then 7 very bad years of drought, when the crops and animals will die. Joseph, now 30 years old, gives good advice to Pharaoh. "Store up now for the future. Gather one fifth of the crops into storage barns in these 7 good years, so that there will be enough food during the 7 bad years."


Pharaoh trusted Joseph, and makes him RULER of Egypt. "Since God has shown you... you will be in charge!" Pharaoh gives Joseph his own signet ring, fine clothes, a house, a wife, a royal chariot, and orders everyone to "bow the knee" to Joseph. Remarkable! God has not forgotten Joseph! God never forgets, and He will never forget you and me either. God is the only one who will never let us down. Do you trust in Him?

Matthew 6:8 "... your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."

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