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PyramidRock - Summary

Here are my illustrated Bible stories for a kids' school holiday "Adventure Time" at a church in the Hunter Valley. The theme for the week is "Pyramid Rock", one the life of Joseph, with his many sufferings, eventual joys, and who God used him to rescue his family from starvation and early death.

GOD PLANS for Joseph

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(Genesis chapter 37) From the beginning of the world, God, Who made the world and everything in it, including you and me, had a PLAN to rescue all the people from the bad things that had come into the world, such as lying, stealing, dying, sickness and hating. MORE...


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(Genesis chapters 39 and 40) Potiphar was the captain of the guards in Pharaoh's palace, and a very important man. MORE...


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Genesis chapter 41 Pharaoh has bad, frightening DREAMS. 7 fat, healthy cows are eaten up by 7 skinny and sick cows, yet the skinny ones are no fatter afterwards. Then he saw 7 plump and healthy ears of corn, which were swallowed up by 7 scrawny and withered ears of corn, yet the scrawny ears looked just as bad afterwards. His wise men cannot tell him what the dreams mean. They show themselves to be helpless helpers. MORE...


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Genesis chapter 42:1 to chapter 45:24 Puzzle pieces are coming together at last - God's great rescue mission is underway. MORE...


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Genesis chapter 49:33 to chapter 50:21 Beyond all father Jacob's hopes and fears, his beloved son Joseph is alive and well, Ruler of mighty Egypt, 2nd only to Pharaoh. MORE...

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