Bozeat Fete - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

Updated: 11 June 2007

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Bozeat Fete - my mother's memoirs (1918-2007)

A Real event! Everyone in the village and around would spend the day. With a brass band leading and two men carrying a banner we all proudly followed to our recreation building where we gathered around for a morning tea, usually Devonshire, with lashings of cream and jam and good appetites.

I remember the huge stationary engine. It looked like a steam roller and kept the roundabout and swings going, plus other side-shows and the lighting. We absolutely loved every minute! Of course everyone walked from miles around and the man in charge of the roundabout gave us a free ride and made it an extra long one. At the end he would say "See you next year; God Bless". We thanked him very much of course.

Thinking back, our early days we enjoyed as an extended family, at a quiet and steady pace. No one rushing around, no one in a break-neck hurry, peaceful and pleasant.

I usually felt sick after a ride, as sick as a dog, but still persisted in having a swing.

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