Revelation Ch 4 - The Control Room of Heaven - God as Ruler/Creator

Updated: 15 August 2012

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Revelation Ch 4 - The Control Room of Heaven - God as Ruler/Creator

Has anyone seen a Big, Blue Box?

You are lost - a bushfire is roaring towards you, with clouds of burning eucalypt oil vapour swirling into a firestorm - there is a clearing, and in it a blue phonebox with a flashing blue light - a strange man in an odd hat & long scarf beckons to you - "Come in!" - inside the box is a jaw-dropping sight - a mix of nuclear submarine, oriental palace and op-shop - and now it whisks you away to a different galaxy & time. Well, John's experience is far, far above a joy-ride in the Tardis with you-know-Who.

Pictures and symbols again

4 main symbols here in chapter 4 (and we should keep in mind the saying "if you prick the book of Revelation it bleeds the Old Testament").

1. An Open Door to Heaven v1

2. A Throne in Heaven, and He Who sits on it

3. Four Living Creatures in Heaven, verses 6b-8. Who, What are these?

4. There are Other Thrones in Heaven

"O the joy to be in have finally won the race."

This line is from 'Make Every Effort', copyright Bryson Smith and Phillip Percival, 1997. Will you win this race? Will you be there? You can, through trusting in this Jesus, God and King, and the great Rescuer.

(John saw something else in the Control Room of the Universe - God the Ruler/Redeemer, Who we will meet in chapter 5.)

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